Gate 7 Canoe Race

(Previously the Conex Canoe Race)

Established 1988

Monday 1st May 2023

5 miles on Grade 2 water 

Open to all paddlers


Note: The previous start and registration area for this race, the Sands Car Park, adjacent to the Old Ice Rink site,

has now been built on, and houses a new building, originally as a Town Hall and Civic Centre for Durham,

but which has become part of the University of Durham.


REGISTRATION:  From 11.00 am at Sidegate Car Park, DH1 5TA situated between

the Radison Blu hotel and Crook Hall on the opposite side of the river to previous starts.


Kayaks and canoes must be portaged from the car park, across the Penny Ferry Bridge, and then down the bank to the river.

You are advised NOT to use the steps near the Sidegate car park.


One race with three different starts


12.00 (Noon)


Canadians, play boats, Humbledon special needs




General purpose boats, slaloms




K1, river racer, sea kayak, doubles


Entry fees - 5.00 for singles boat, 8.00 for doubles boat.


Start -  Penny Ferry Bridge (The Millennium Bridge)


Finish - Footbridge in front of Finchale Abbey

(Grid Ref. 296 471)


Car parking - purchase token from farmhouse or machine to exit the finish - 3.00 (2022 price) 



Gate 7 Cup to be held for one year by the overall winner

Numerous trophies are awarded in various classes


Presentations: 2.15pm in front of Finchale Abbey

(Grid ref: 296 471)

Light refreshments will be provided at the finish


All competitors must pay the entry fee and agree to abide by the event regulations.


All competitors must wear an approved buoyancy aid and the race numbered bib.


Helmets are compulsory for kayaks (singles and doubles) and are strongly advised for Canadians.


Novice competitors should have had experience of paddling on grade 2 water or be accompanied along the course by an experienced canoeist.


The river is shallow, with frequent rapids, and capsizes do happen.


 Low water levels will not result in cancellation of the race.


Safety boats will be deployed along the course


Race organiser:   David Mills.  Tel. 0191-549 1784


Event sponsored by

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