About Humbledon Outdoor

Activities Association

Charity Registration No: 1074757           Registered Company No:  3589422


'Challenging activities for people with disabilities'


    Philip Puckrin (Phil) & Christopher May (Chris) founded HOAA in 1987.


    Phil started his teaching career in 1967 and taught at four Sunderland Schools - one of which was Humbledon School, out of which HOAA developed.


    "I organised lots of out-of-school activities at Humbledon School including camping and canoeing. The pupils had severe disabilities but still enjoyed taking part in some very tough expeditions.


    "It was usually the same small group of volunteers that used to help me staff these events.


    "Together we decided to set up an independent voluntary association so that any person with a disability would have an opportunity to take part in outdoor activities."


    After twenty years of leading the activities, Phil and his wife Sue, have retired to York, but Phil remains closely involved as the Association's Secretary.


The annual programme of events includes:


Canoeing, including the Gate 7 Race

Spring Camp

Learning Through Drama

Special Sports & Activities Day

Autumn camp

Swimming Club (Subject to availability of instructor)


The Association has its own minibuses.


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